What’s a Healthy Family?

    The idea of what is a healthy family varied widely in different areas and periods.  For example, in the traditional Chinese culture, the healthy family is mostly probably a huge one.  An ideal family usually contains tens to hundreds of members, which made up of, at least, four generations.  But few modern people could suffer such healthy family.

    Despite of culture difference, we can find some common features from the healthy families.  To acknowledge why we human beings live in family units could be a good point to start of find those features.  Here are two basic reasons:
    The first is to survive.  The strength of an individual is too limited.  It’s not even sufficient for defending himself and getting enough foods.  But the family, as a group, is more powerful.  So, members in a healthy family must respect and help each other, and cooperate with each other towards a same goal.  Obviously, surviving is only the first step.  We will search for a better life then.  A healthy family provides us a comfortable environment for it. And with the help of other family members, we could archive more accomplishment.
    The second is to multiply.  Our parents bring us to this world, and breed us up.  We have enjoyed our rights, so we must take our responsibility.  And the responsibility is to bear and foster our offspring.  So a healthy family should have some kids.

    A healthy family is a harmonious, cozy and aggressive one.  Every member in the family feels happy.  But it is still not enough.  A healthy family must take its responsibilities to gain the respect.







Introduce My Hometown

    I lived in a small town in the northeast of Inner Mongolia province, named Jagedaqi (加格达奇), before I entered the elementary school.  It’s located at the foot of Xing’an Mountains.  Although I had lived in there so many years, I was too young to travel around.  I could hardly remember what the town looks like until one summer a couple years ago, when I got a chance to visit it again.
    When I was on the running train towards Jagedaqi, the only thing out of the window was the meadow.  Occasionally, I could find some boys riding on horses.  Only hundreds of meters away from me, they were running, shorting, pursuing each other to pursue pleasures.   I thought that it’s a perfect dream for every boy.  The feeling on a horseback must likes flying.  On the infinity meadow nothing can hold them back.  They can just enjoy the speed, the freedom on the horsebacks.  For the same reason, boys in the city like driving over speed.  But that’s not a good idea.  It’s too dangerous.

    Another wonderful sight on the meadow I have to mention is the river.  River on that plain never flows straight.  It always turns from one side to another again and again and marks its course by a winding silver line across the landscape.  Especially, when the sun was falling down to the skyline at dusk, millions of golden light spot will twinkled here and there on the meadow, just like the gorgeous starry sky.

    The scenes suddenly changed when the train was near to the mount area.  Small hills emerged.  I only saw the small hills even after I’d arrived the town, as I have said it just at the foot of Xing’an Mountains.  After I’ve climbed on the top of one hill.  I found the town basined by a round of small hills.  It’s just at the bottom of a basin.  But at the north direction, I saw some huge mountains.  They’re too far from me.  I though I had no chance to achieve them this time.

    Snows covered the Xing’an Mountains in about 7 months each year.  I like the elegant movements of the snowflakes when they are falling down all day long and all nigh long.  The world became extremely bright after snow.  It seemed only one color remained, white.  Every mountains and meadows were panted with white.  And every sound was muffled.  What a silence it was.  When you walk on snow-covered ground, the only sound you can hear is you own steps.

    Yes, the snow is beautiful, but the life in winter is really hard. 
    First of all, we always worried about what to eat.  There were few choices of food in winter.  We Chinese separate the food as staple and vegetables, meats, fishes.  Before I was a teenager, the main staple food was corn.  Then, rice and wheat began to instead of the corn.  In my memory, there was one period that our only food was corn.  Finally, I came to the end of my endurance.  So, I swore that I would never eat the corn again if I could leave that place.  I have some cousins in Wuxi.  They liked corn very much.  However I explained, they just couldn’t understand why I hate such a delicious food.
    All vegetables are stored in the autumn.  Only Chinese cabbage, potato and radish can be stored for such a long period.  Each fall, my family bought 300 to 500 pounds of Chinese cabbage and several pounds of potatoes and radishes and stored in the cellar.  Not only our human beings but also other creatures such as squirrels, ants and bees used the same way to survive from those freezing days.  But the conditions are much better now days.  Thanks for the developing of market economy and modern traffic method, more and more south agriculture products were sent to north in the winter.  We have much more choices now.
    Winter is also a trouble for traffic.  When snows covered the ground, the road surface would be too smooth for the vehicles.  The bus companies would suspend their business.  And if the wind was also too strong for us to ride bicycles, we would have to use our primal method, to walk to the schools or the offices.

    The snowstorms are dangerous.  Most peoples lived in Qiqihar can remember the day, April 29th, 1984, when a terrible snowstorm attacked us.  At the morning, lots of peoples lived in the signal-story house found that they just couldn’t open the door.  Then they found their houses had been surrounded by snows with had a deep of more than one meter.
    One of my friends once told me about his story in that horrible day.  He was an eight-year-old boy at that time.  When he finished hi class, he decided to walk home.  The snows on the rode were already quite thick.  They covered the dykes besides the rode.  Suddenly my friend fell into one dyke and his whole body was immerged in the snow.  However he struggled he just couldn’t climb out of the dyke.  There were few people staying out side, so no one noticed him.  When his father went to the school to pick him up, the teacher said that boy had already left.  The father was very scared of the teacher’s words, because he didn’t meet his son on the way he came.  So he and the teachers begin to search on the roads between his family and the school.  When they found my friend, he had already been numb with cold.  Fortunately, it was not too late.  And he finally recuperated.
    Not all peoples had been frightened by the storm.  One of my uncles was on the way home from another city by train.  At that morning, the train had to stop in a distance of tens of miles away from the downtown.  Most passengers chose to stay in the carriages and wait for the rescue.  But some strong young men and my uncle were very excited.  They thought that it was god-given opportunity to prove their strength and courage.  So they jumped out of the train and spend a whole day on walking home.

    All the stories about the storm were heard from other peoples.  I have totally forgotten it.  I had asked my father what I was doing in that day, why I couldn’t remember any thing about the storm.  Then, he said: “Oh, you were very happy that day.  Your classes were suspended because of the storm.  You were very glad to play at home with some neighbor boys.”  Aha, here is the conclusion: Peoples tend to remember the pains but forget the happiness.






    My favorite TV Channel is the Shanghai Documentary Channel, because I can always enjoy the graceful creatures on it.  I’ll intrude one kind of creatures today, insect. 

    First, let’s think about what is an insect?  Is the butterfly an insect?  Is the spider an insect?
    Insect is belonged Arthropoda (节肢动物门).  So, an insect must have all the characters of the Arthropoda.  An arthropod has the following features:  First, its body can be separated into several segments.  Second, it has legs, which can also be separated into several segments.  That’s why we call it 节肢动物.  Now we know neither the earthworm nor the snail is an Arthropod, because the have no legs.  Is our human being an Arthropod?  We have legs.  But no!  An arthropod has bones covered outside of its body, but our bones are inside of our bodies.  Ok, lets count how many arthropods we know.  The shrimps, the crabs, the spiders, the butterflies, the bees, the ants, all of them are arthropods.  But only some of them are insects. 

    An insect’s has three parts, the head, the breast, and the belly. 
The head is the sensor center.  The main sensors of an insect are a pair of feelers, and eyes.  Some insects have one or two pair of eyes; some others can have thousands of eyes.  Another task of head is taking food. 
    Breast is driver center of an insect.  All its three pairs of legs are growth on the breast.
    Belly takes charge of breed and metabolism.  Metabolism means to absorb food and excrete waste out of the body.
    Now we know, a spider is not an insect, because it has four pairs of legs.  But the butterflies, the bees, the ants, the dragonflies, and the mosquitoes are insects.  Have you ever observed the caterpillars?  Some of then have thousands of legs, some of them haven’t even one leg.  But they are also insects.  Why?  Because all these characters are describe an imago, a matured insect.  But the caterpillars are only larvae.  They will metamorphosis into butterflies finally.

    Do you know how many species of insects on the earth?  Someone believes that that there are more than 10 millions species of insects on the earth.  Let’s only consider the already discoed species.  Suggests all the species of creatures on the earth were in one pie, on the other word, about 1 million species.  Three fourth of the pie is occupied by the insects.  And one third of the insects are beetles.  One sixth of the insects are butterflies, one sixth is bees and ants, one sixth is flies and mosquitoes, and one sixth is other insects.

    You may curious that why there are so many kinds of insects.  I know some of the reasons. 
    First, in about hundreds of million years, insects are the only creatures on this earth that can fly until birds emerged.  They can easily migrate to some other habitat, or avoid their enemies with help of their wings.  Insects exploit every inch of plot once they come to the earth. 
    Second, the size of a single insect is usually tiny.  The biggest insect is just like an egg-size.  For smallest ones, 10 millions of them assumed tighter equals one egg.  That means an insect only need very limited foods to be feed.  For example, a cockroach can survive for two months without eating anything.  And, they can hide themselves anywhere.
    The third, almost everything can be the foods for insects.  A cockroach can live in a television set all its live by eating the wax on the board.
    Another reason is their incredible reproducing capability.  In average, an insect can lay sounds of eggs each time.  Some one can lay millions of eggs.
    The last one is more unbelievable.  The first insect appeared in 350 million years ago.  In such a long period the insects already adapted this world perfectly.  They evaluated various capabilities to protect themselves.  Some of the capabilities are even hard to image.  For examples, some insects can live in desert where’s temperature is higher than 50 Celsius degree.  Some other insects can live in –50 Celsius degree.  Some flies can live in pure salt or pure oil, even in pure CO2.














我的发病原因我想了想,大概最初是由花粉过敏引起的。几个月前刚有症状的时候我待在 Austin, TX.  那里漫天都是花粉,好多人都花粉过敏。再加上现在懒得锻炼,体质大不如前了。