How to create message board.

Step1,Create a new entry for the message board。
Enter Blog Tab in edit mode, selet Add entry to create a new article.  See picture below:

Input some welcome information for your message board.  For example:

Step2,Create a link to this message board on your home page.
Click the Customize on top right of your space.  And then, select Modules, then selcet create Custom List in the drop list.  Reference to the following pictures:

While you finished the steps above, there would be a new list on your page.  Click save to active you new list:

Click Edit List:

Rename you list to "Message Box" or whatever you like.

Now, we’ve almost finished, but one thing was missed, to get the permalink of your message box.  Click on the Preview My Space.  Open the Message Box you just created:

Click on Permalink (see the red ellipse on above picture).  Now, you have the entry link.  Copy it and turn back to edit mode.

Click on Add Item

Give the item a link name and commets, and paste the link you copied in the Web address.

Click OK.  We’ve done!

The original version is on Chris’ Blog™


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