How to create a beautiful space

Hum, this is quite a big topic.   But I am a beginner of msn space myself.

First, thanks to the articles from the msn space pioneers, 小綠人, 囯良先生 etc., I can get a quick start on blog writing.

So, my suggestion of other fresher is also read articles first.  I have gathered some useful information in my blog.  Click here: Space 技术大全, you will see all of them.

Then you will not have satisfied with those simple skills.  You have some cool ideas, but none of articles can help you.  Then the best solution is searching in google. 

And, the last way is post you questions here.  Typically, if you can solve any problems, I would not either.  But I can find some experts for you.



7 thoughts on “How to create a beautiful space


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