How to add music into your space?

   How to add music into your space ?

  • Aspecially thank for YAYA to translate English version for every member of the global village…


Step by step…

  1. Following are links for HTML format editing tool (US English)    (French) (Chinese – Traditional) (Chinese – Simplify) (Chinese – HK)  (Japanese)

    Using English link for example, click on the English Link shown above


  2. Check “Use HTML to create your page” to into HTML format


  3.  Insert the following HTML code to play music in your web page background.

    <img height=0 loop=infinite dynsrc=




  4. For example – if you want to insert “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” into your space, and the music file locates at

    Copy this link into yellow area shown below


  5. Uncheck “
  6. Use HTML to create your page
    Just wait for a little bit, if it is successful you will hear (Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head)


  7. Move mouse icon to edit area
    press Ctrl+A to Select All and Ctrl+C to copy them all


  8. Switch back to “Edit Blog Entry” page
    Move mouse icon to edit area then press Ctrl+V to Paste it
    There we go!! You should have music now  :D  enjoy it!! 

The original file is from GENE!1pAcW0T8ZlSwoXd4sFC7C_1A!2066.entry


How to add music into your space?”的一个响应

  1. 我也试了不行>_<还有,我的朋友有些看不见我的msn space,请教一下知情人,3x^_^

  2. nomatter how many times I had tried, i failed to have it… <img height=0 loop=infinite width=0> is that like this… correct or not?? Thanks…

  3. Wow! Just the thing I\’m looking for! Thank you so much. Now I\’ve got music in my space! ^-^ THANK YOU!


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